Hard work is its own reward

I sidled up to the bunch of cyclists stopped at the lights on Beach Road and started a conversation with the young guy at the front. Turns out he was training for an ironman but had been a national level hockey player and a Victorian Institute of Sport scholarship holder. Mal had recently taken over the coaching role for the Powerhouse Hockey Club Premier League men’s team.

Power House Hockey.JPG

He had also been searching for the policeman who had facilitated a VIS leadership program he had been a participant in some 10 year earlier. He thought the leadership insights this policeman had shared and the discussion he generated were valuable and would benefit the hockey team. He had googled and searched the web to no avail. 

I quietly informed Mal that I had been that person and could I assist him in any way now. Mal advised he wanted to share some of the leadership insights he had gained with his team. I suggested we catch up for coffee to discuss how I could support him in that quest.

We decided to catch up in a café in Black Rock as we both lived in the suburb – in the same street -  five doors away…

I now have a wonderful engagement with Mal and the rest of the team at Powerhouse – they are keen, motivated, curious and wanting to achieve holistic success for the club this year. Who would have thought?


Never underestimate the impact (positive or negative) you can have on others’ lives 

How important are positive relationships to you?

What impact do you have on others?

What level of authenticity do you want to display when undertaking your business?

What are the core values that drive your business ethos?