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Paul O'Brien

Managing Director

Paul has a strong background in leadership and management roles with more than 25 years experience in the public safety industry as a commissioned police officer working in State and Federal policing.


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Pedals, Paddles and Potholes - Front Cover

“This is the remarkable story of an ordinary individual who overcame an extraordinary period in his life. It is told with a rare frankness that will rivet your attention, touch your heart, make you cry with laughter and inspire you to realise your boldest dreams.”


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Hard Work Is Its Own Reward


I sidled up to the bunch of cyclists stopped at the lights on Beach Road and started a conversation with the young guy at the front. Turns out he was training for an ironman but had been a national level hockey player and a Victorian Institute of Sport scholarship holder.


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Whilst in Kandy, Sri Lanka, we had the opportunity to visit a tea processing factory. We were taken on a guided tour by a wonderful young woman who earnestly explained the process of making tea...

Compassion – A Rare Leadership Trait

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The dust has settled, the vultures media have departed to circle above the next target, the crucified have been removed from the cross and the majority are thankful it was not them in the glare of the media frenzy, the public prosecution and eternal judgement...


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