Leadership Development


‘The function of leadership is to implement change – you can’t simply manage change.'

Got a team or work area that is just not performing? Want to upskill your first line supervisors? Got an executive team that is just not working across portfolios? Wanting to take the organisation in a new direction and need support to do so?

Leadership Matters’ expertise is the ability to effectively collaborate with clients to diagnose ‘the problem’ and develop and implement highly customized leadership interventions (frameworks and training programs) designed to achieve the desired outcomes.

A typical engagement strategy with a new client generally involves the following steps:

  • Meetings with key organisation representatives
  • Visits to the organisation’s workplace/s to experience and gain an understanding of the physical environment and the prevailing culture
  • Review of organisational literature
  • Assessment of the current organisation culture – business and strategic plans etc.
  • Preparation of a recommended leadership intervention strategy
  • Further consultation with key organisation representatives
  • Refinement of the leadership development strategy
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Review and evaluation of the strategy

The key to the success of the leadership development strategy is fully understanding the needs and desires of the client and supporting that with the knowledge, skills, integrity and experience of the team at Leadership Matters to enhance the leadership skills of your people.

Motivational Speaking


Want to engage a speaker that has authenticity, corporate experience, incredible stories and an ability to entertain, engage and provoke thought?

Paul O’Brien can engage your audience on topics that include leadership, resilience, challenging limiting beliefs, paddling Bass Strait and battling cancer, depression, anxiety and life transition - simultaneously.

Paul has enjoyed a rich and diverse life as a senior police officer first in Victoria Police and then the Australian Federal Police. During his career he has: purchased illicit drugs from bikie gangs; met a wanted Al Quade terrorist; prevented an international incident involving the religious head of Jamal Islamiah; been at the wrong end of a loaded firearm; managed multi-agency emergency response situations; investigated murders, robberies and rapes; prayed in a mosque in Indonesia in JI territory; conducted surveillance on major drug crops in remote bushland and; travelled around the world delivering leadership programs;

As an adventure traveller, Paul has also drunk tea with a blind climber in the Himalayas; fished for piranha in the Amazon; jumped out of a perfectly safe plane; swum with pink dolphins; drunk champagne from the Melbourne Cup; successfully battled cancer; run a marathon; met a couple of astronauts; dived on a submarine in the Solomons and; explored the process of betel nut chewing in the Pacific… And that was just before breakfast!

From this rich history, Paul can share many stories of learning & leadership that resonate with audiences from all backgrounds. He can also challenge and motivate participants to explore new personal frontiers and eliminate artificial barriers that limit peoples’ ability to reach their full potential.

To engage Paul, simply contact Leadership Matters and discuss your specific requirements. We promise you will not be disappointed!



It was once said that a person who represents themselves at court has a fool for a client. In a similar vein, even the most wise and capable of professionals generally have a coach to support them, ensure they stay on track, and to provide an independent and trustworthy source of perspective on any given challenge or situation.

One of the benefits of experiencing a rich and diversified life is the privilege of sharing that knowledge and wisdom with others’ aspiring to a higher level of achievement.

Paul O’Brien is the head coach at Leadership Matters. Paul has been successfully coaching executives, leaders, and elite athletes to be better at their chosen discipline for more than ten years. Over this time his results have been outstanding.

For a no-obligation free initial meeting to discuss your needs and the opportunity to partner with somebody who is highly motivated to see you be the best you can, simply contact Paul at Leadership Matters.

Beware however, that you will be expected to grow, as you develop through the process of engaging an expert coach.