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Roger Williams – Regional Manager, Sherriff’s Office, Department of Justice & Regulation

I recently attended a series of leadership laboratories for our organisation, I will admit in trepidation of the same old, same old, however Paul's approach transformed my experience and set the bar for any future facilitators.

His approach, embedded with his strong experience base really cut through to the fundamentals of contemporary, practical and principle based leadership for our organisation. One of the best series of leadership courses I have attended.

Paul is an inspirational public speaker, his journey from light to deepest darkness to light spoke profoundly to me on a personal and professional level, in this "look at me" generation Paul is a man who shares his journey with humility and power leaving the audience with the knowledge that after darkness, there can be light, and it is OK not to be OK.

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Peter Clemenson – RYLA, Facilitator

Paul is a regular presenter at the Rotary Youth Leadership Award’s week. His dynamic session always rates highly, hence why he’s invited back year after year…for the last decade!

While our week long program is packed with speakers, Paul’s storytelling and activity-based learning is certainly a highlight. He adds incredible value to the program and instils a new sense of belief in hundreds of participants. Paul really helps the RYLArians understand those things that hold them back…identify…and eliminate those elements.

Inspirational’; ‘uplifting’;Paul would make a great life coach’; just some of the comments received from our participants. 

Paul is a dream to coordinate with; his prompt replies and ease of meeting our objectives assist us greatly in putting our program together.

Paul has gone above and beyond for us, even assisting to design a goal setting session as the last element of the week. We could not recommend his services highly enough. Thanks Paul!


Hannah Macdougall, PhD, Victorian Institue of Sport Personal Excellence Adviser

Paul has a powerful way of connecting with a variety of audiences, groups, and individuals. His enthusiasm, curiosity, and emotional intelligence ensure that he can assist those whom he comes into contact with grow their leadership capabilities. I have learnt from Paul how to ‘lean into’ courageous conversations, and how to enhance behaviour change through self reflection, awareness, and experiential activities. 

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Greg Langdon – Program Organiser, RYLA

The overall evaluation of the program rated your presentation as the most influential and beneficial to the participants - unanimous decision!


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and left with a better understanding of what I can achieve and need to do. Paul’s presentation was outstanding and was the most informative course I have been on for years.


Paul’s understanding of the emergency services sector was invaluable. It was fantastic to have a presenter so engaged and approachable.


Paul's ability to engage the class, establish a rapport and draw out information and ideas was done to a very high standard. He allowed conversations and discussions to evolve to a point where honest and openness were given freely.

Warwick Knight, Director, Enforcement Operations | Sheriff of Victoria

Leadership Matters has helped Sheriff's Office Victoria build a strong leadership group to drive improvement programs and build organisation capability.  I recommend them to anyone who values practical advice and support backed by sound experience in leadership development.